Relationships: the oldest puzzle in the world.

No matter how successful we may become in our own private lives, the challenge of forming a lasting, creative relationship with another human being will be the cause of endless misunderstanding, uncertainty, exaltation and despair. For men, relationships come down to a single, mind-bending question: “What do women really want?”

Women, of course, know what men really want: Food and sex!

Men and women sometimes appear so different that Dr John Gray, one of the most respected (male) experts on relationships, declared that “men are from Mars, women are from Venus…”

In this intimate cabaret show, Melody relates the story of her own journey. With the audience and the aid of her vast experience, she explores many facets of the eternal challenge to connect partners in a relationship. The result is an original, hilarious and provoking show as she charts the movement of a couple from conflicted states to, “United States”.

Songs from the Show

“United States”

"The Shadow of Your Smile"


All original music Copyright Melody & John Rawson